Monday, July 19, 2010

25 Tips On Health

Health - a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and nothing more the absence of disease or feebleness. Eating right, exercising, and sleeping well play an equal role in the prevention of infections and diseases.

Many of us are not in control of the factors that cause us to become ill whether they be heritable, environmental, or something else entirely. There are many thoroughfare we can take to improving our health, which include the use of traditional and modern medicines when we are ill.

Health Tips
However, most people cannot access or afford proper health care such as healthy sanitation and hygiene, which is necessary to prevent the spread of disease. I think following 25 Health Tips definitely serve you better if all you can opt it.

01. Eat more of - grains, vegetables, beans, greens, fruits, fish, seeds & yogurt.

02. Eat less of - milk, cheese and nuts.

03. Add Garlic to your recipes.

04. Beta carotene - rich foods like carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy greens.

05. Reduce Sodium - intake to no more than 1 1/4 teaspoons of salt per day.

06. Eat regular meals.

07. Drink water - through out the day.

08. Switch - from coffee to tea.

09. Exercise - regularly.

10. Take the stairs - instead of elevator or escalator at school.

11. Do housework - take it as an extra chance to exercise.

12. Healthy weight - should be maintained.

13. Quit Smoking.

14. Avoid Alcohol.

15. Sleep - adequately.

16. Blood Pressure - should be monitored.

17. Cholesterol - should be monitored.

18. Work Schedule - should be regular to avoid too much stress.

19. Practice - stress reduction techniques such as deep-breathing. Yoga and meditation.

20. Laughter - is a good medicine.

21. Medical check ups - should be done regularly.

22. Control Diabetes.

23. Family History - of cardiovascular disease should be known.

24. Love - Give it and receive it.

25. Medication - prescribed by Dr. should be taken.

So, have a healthy life...have a happy life!
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