Monday, July 22, 2013

Dettol : Healthcare Products for the Family

The brand Dettol entered the Indian market nearly 79 years back. The evolution of the brand from an antiseptic liquid for cuts and wounds in 1933 to a complete portfolio of health care products is an inspiration for budding brand managers of the has taken various form such as bar soap, liquid hand-wash, shaving cream to hand sanitizer to cater to the changing needs of consumers. 

The brand synonymous with  protection from germs had for long been voted as India's most trusted brand. Dettol's growth had been slow but steady over the years and a number of initiatives taken in the recent years had started yielding results. The brand started its journey  in 1933 as an antiseptic liquid, but over the years, it has been extended to a number of products categories like toilet soaps, liquid hand wash, liquid body wash, shaving cream and plaster strips.

The brand has taken both functional and emotional route to bonding with the end customer. on the functional / rational end the brand translates into an efficient and cleansing product whereas on the emotional front the brand commands trust among its end users.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hotel Supply Online : Get An Experience

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids And Food To Keep Them Healthy

What it means to eat healthy for your kids? I know such type of questions may rise in your mind as a compassionate parents. I know that parents might need some help to understand their kids eating habits. 

In fact, childhood obesity is a worldwide problem and no child is safe if they don't have healthy eating habits. There are many causes of obesity in children. Some of these are fast foods which are high in calories and fat. They also contain dangerous trans (fake fats) that wreak havoc on a young child's body. Another cause is processed foods. These false foods are loaded with sugar and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives which add up to extra calories. Because of the added processed sugars, a child can consume a tremendous amount of sugar and not even feel that full.

It's no wonder that kids like fun, tasty snacks, which can sometimes be difficult to provide when the child has food allergies. Some foods that are safe for children, but also are healthy, fun and good to eat are fruit kabobs, which are also fun to make. Cutting up different varieties of fruits and placing them on a kabob is a fun and healthy way to satisfy a child's hunger. These make great snacks as well as another fun food. These are simple celery sticks with soy nut butter or sunflower butter spread on them with raisins sprinkled on top. Low-fat yogurts can provide a tasty dip for cut-up fruits or spreading some hummus that is sesame-free on whole grain crackers or pita triangles offers a delicious and nutritious snack for kids.

While the nutritious food you prepare for your kid gives you a heavenly satisfaction, the hassle of trying to get it into their little tummies is no less a hell. You may feel helpless and disappointed, but you still have a reason to smile. Kids aren't as smart as they think they are! (yes its cute they think they are smarter than us). They can be creatively distracted and made to enjoy the very meal you have prepared for them.

It is true that finding healthy snacks for kids with food allergies can be a challenge, but is important in providing nutritional needs while keeping the child safe. Snacks should be carefully chosen so they provide nutritional value, but do not cause an allergic reaction. Always check the ingredients to verify that the product is safe for the child and does not contain any ingredient that could possibly cause an allergic reaction. So keep your child safe and healthy!!!