Sunday, February 9, 2014

Toothache : A Solution

Your kid's ever had a toothache? Then you should definitely remember the throbbing pain it gives. It is not just the mouth, but your kid's entire face and sometimes even head feels the pressure. Here are some super home remedies for toothache from Grandmas' Purse.

1. Spinach leaves:

Get some spinach leaves and chew it against the aching tooth. You can also make a spinach paste and apply directly around the affected area for better relief.

2. Guava leaves:

Chew fresh, tender guava leaves till the juice comes out. Hold it against the affected tooth for quick relief. You can also boil guava leaves in a pot of water, allow it to warm, add some salt and use it as a mouth wash.

3. Cloves:

Clove is one of the best herbal remedies for toothache. Grind whole cloves and apply it to the inflamed tooth cavity or around the area that has toothache. You can also use clove oil, by dabbing it on a cotton ball before applying it on the affected area.

4. Garlic:

Garlic is effectively used in herbal medicines against many ailments including toothache. Chew two cloves of garlic and retain it against the affected tooth.

5. Wheat grass juice:

A natural antibiotic, wheat grass is an effective remedy for toothace. Chewing wheat grass or washing your mouth using wheat grass juice will remove toxins from the gums and reduce toothache.

6. Onion:

Chewing raw onion will gradually bring down toothache. If chewing is difficult, just place a piece of onion on the affected area.
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