Saturday, March 15, 2014

Joint Family : Benefits

The joint family system has persisted in India through the Vedic age to the present day. Many advantages can be attributed to joint living in the family.

Division of Labour:

Joint family secures the advantages of division of labour. Here the work is distributed among the members on teh basis of age. Every member in the family is given work according to his abilities. Every phase of family's life is managed by all members including women and children.

Social Security:

The joint family provides social security to the weak, aged, sick, infirm, the disabled and such other needy persons. An individual's life from cradle to cremation is looked after by the joint family. In times of accidents, crisis and emergencies, one can rely on one's joint family for the help.

Similarly, for the people such as orphans, widows, the deserted, divorced, separated and teh neglected the joint family proivdes protection. It gives them food and shelter.

Economy in expenditure:

A joint family avoids the unnecessary expenditure of separate house-hold establishment. Savings are possible in the joint family since the household purchases are done jointly. As joint family requires large quantities of commodities for its consumption, they can be purchased at a time at lower prices and thereby money can be saved.

Social virtues:

Joint family fosters great virtues like sacrifice, affection, cooperation, spirit of selfless service among its members and makes the family a cradle of social virtues. Under the care of elders the undesirable and anti-social tendencies of the young are checked and they are prevented from going astray. All family members learn to obey family rules and respect elders.

Bringing up children:

The ideal place for the upbringing of children is the joint family. The joint family not only consists of young couples but also the old and aged persons who live together. The old and aged persons have a rich experience of life. As a result of this, the grandfather and the grand mother always look after the children of their sons and daughters and the older generation is capable of inculcating the best of the family traditions and wisdom in them.

Provides leisure:

It provides opportunity for leisure to the members. Since the work is hared by all the members on the basis of age, sex and experience, they get more leisure time. More people can finish the work with limited time and provide enough leisure to the members to relax.

Opportunity for recreation:

The joint family is an ideal place of recreation for all the members. Social and religious ceremonies in the family bring pleasure for the family members. The joint family plays the role of modern club without any adverse effects.
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