Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Extra Hour of TV Reduces Kids Skills

Toddlers who watch television daily for more than two hours may risk diminishing their skills. According to Professor Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital, this is the first time ever that a study has looked at and found a relationship between too much toddler screen time and kindergarten risks for poor motor skills and psychosocial difficulties.

A recent study shows that extra hours in front of TV may cause a child to have low grades, bad health and poor social skills.

Television's attractive feature is its moving images. A child who is used to hyperactive animation and fast sequences tends to find the real world unexciting and thus, have shorter attention span. This translates to reduced participation in school activities, aside from the fact that the kid spends little time doing homework.

She said that these findings suggest the need for better parental awareness and aggrement with existing viewing recommendations. Pagani discourages watching television during infancy and recommends not more than two hours per day beyond age two. She said that it seemed as if every extra hour beyond that has a remarkably negative influence.

More time in front of the TV also implies less time engaging in physical activities. Moreover, toddlers develop more liking for chips, carbonated drinks and other junk food that are best eaten while watching one's favorite show.

Some of the children who participated in the study were two or even three standard deviations away from the average, and their kindergarten indicators were correspondingly worse than those who were one standard deviation away, researchers found. So keep away your children from TV quite some time.
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