Saturday, March 15, 2014

Joint Family : Benefits

The joint family system has persisted in India through the Vedic age to the present day. Many advantages can be attributed to joint living in the family.

Division of Labour:

Joint family secures the advantages of division of labour. Here the work is distributed among the members on teh basis of age. Every member in the family is given work according to his abilities. Every phase of family's life is managed by all members including women and children.

Social Security:

The joint family provides social security to the weak, aged, sick, infirm, the disabled and such other needy persons. An individual's life from cradle to cremation is looked after by the joint family. In times of accidents, crisis and emergencies, one can rely on one's joint family for the help.

Similarly, for the people such as orphans, widows, the deserted, divorced, separated and teh neglected the joint family proivdes protection. It gives them food and shelter.

Economy in expenditure:

A joint family avoids the unnecessary expenditure of separate house-hold establishment. Savings are possible in the joint family since the household purchases are done jointly. As joint family requires large quantities of commodities for its consumption, they can be purchased at a time at lower prices and thereby money can be saved.

Social virtues:

Joint family fosters great virtues like sacrifice, affection, cooperation, spirit of selfless service among its members and makes the family a cradle of social virtues. Under the care of elders the undesirable and anti-social tendencies of the young are checked and they are prevented from going astray. All family members learn to obey family rules and respect elders.

Bringing up children:

The ideal place for the upbringing of children is the joint family. The joint family not only consists of young couples but also the old and aged persons who live together. The old and aged persons have a rich experience of life. As a result of this, the grandfather and the grand mother always look after the children of their sons and daughters and the older generation is capable of inculcating the best of the family traditions and wisdom in them.

Provides leisure:

It provides opportunity for leisure to the members. Since the work is hared by all the members on the basis of age, sex and experience, they get more leisure time. More people can finish the work with limited time and provide enough leisure to the members to relax.

Opportunity for recreation:

The joint family is an ideal place of recreation for all the members. Social and religious ceremonies in the family bring pleasure for the family members. The joint family plays the role of modern club without any adverse effects.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Toothache : A Solution

Your kid's ever had a toothache? Then you should definitely remember the throbbing pain it gives. It is not just the mouth, but your kid's entire face and sometimes even head feels the pressure. Here are some super home remedies for toothache from Grandmas' Purse.

1. Spinach leaves:

Get some spinach leaves and chew it against the aching tooth. You can also make a spinach paste and apply directly around the affected area for better relief.

2. Guava leaves:

Chew fresh, tender guava leaves till the juice comes out. Hold it against the affected tooth for quick relief. You can also boil guava leaves in a pot of water, allow it to warm, add some salt and use it as a mouth wash.

3. Cloves:

Clove is one of the best herbal remedies for toothache. Grind whole cloves and apply it to the inflamed tooth cavity or around the area that has toothache. You can also use clove oil, by dabbing it on a cotton ball before applying it on the affected area.

4. Garlic:

Garlic is effectively used in herbal medicines against many ailments including toothache. Chew two cloves of garlic and retain it against the affected tooth.

5. Wheat grass juice:

A natural antibiotic, wheat grass is an effective remedy for toothace. Chewing wheat grass or washing your mouth using wheat grass juice will remove toxins from the gums and reduce toothache.

6. Onion:

Chewing raw onion will gradually bring down toothache. If chewing is difficult, just place a piece of onion on the affected area.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teach unique things to your child

Yes, you need to teach your kid how to read and write. But, apart from academics there are some life lessons you must teach your child before he steps out to the big, bad world on his own.

Children tend to learn a lot when they are young. Being a mom means a never ending process of teaching kids everything from the ABC's to mannerisms. Here are some life lessons you must teach your child.

Stranger danger:

Children of all ages need to be taught to be aware of their surroundigns and understand that strangers need to be avoided. They should be warned about weird people asking for help with directions or findings a lost dog. Children should also know never to accept any gifts or candy from strangers, and to never approach a stranger if they are lured into an interaction.

How to handle bullying:

Bullying, both in-person and online, is becoming a social epidemic that affects children of all ages. As a parent you need to learn to recognise signs that your child is being bullied, and to teach your children how to properly handle the situation through teacher and disciplinarian action.

The value of self-esteem:

One of the biggest defences against bullying, peer pressure and academic stress is a healthy self-esteem. Praise your children's effort and encourage their success, academically and in the home. While every child will become upset from time-to-time, having them know of their abilities and strengths regularly will help them develop self-esteem in long run.

Good manners:

Manners are learned from a young age, with even the simplest expressions of please and thank you taught by the parents. And, from the earliest stage of good manners comes respect for one's elders and social etiquette. Teaching your children how to be polite and courteous in conversations and actions will set them up for a well-disciplined attitude that will only grow with them as they get older.

Chores and responsibilities:

Having to-do lists at home teaches children how to clean their own messes and the consequences of what would happen when they don't. You can give them small rewards for doing what they had to. This will encourage them to do so in the future too. However, teach them from a young age that they need to do certain chores and take responsibility for some house work.

The value of money:

It is important to teach your kids the value of hard-earned money while they are young. You can curb those "I-wants" at the market by showing your children how many chores they have to do to earn the money for a candy bar or a new toy. Encourage your children to save their money and spend it wisely. Give your child a change jar or piggy bank and have them keep count of what they have earned and how long it has taken to earn it.

From a young age teach youf child to not discriminate against anyone based on sex, casts or race. Let them know that everyone is the same. You also need make them understand that everyone is unique and they should be themselves, rather than trying to be someone else. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Super Sweaty Armpits

What Can I Do About My Super Sweaty Armpits? It is the normal question that comes in everyone's mind. Super Sweaty Armpits have to be one of the most embarrassing problems to have. Lets not kid ourselves if you have armpits that sweat profusely you know you have a problem!

What most people don't realise is that at least 1% of the population suffer, to some degree, from this. There is actually a name for this condition, I guess you may already have heard of it if you're reading this article - it's called "Hyperhidrosis".

Hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating, is a common plight among teens and adults. It can happen in the armpits, feet, palms, face, or elsewhere, and can be embarrassing if it occurs at an inopportune time. While it’s not the most embarrassing thing that will ever happen, we understand that it’s a real problem that people like to have fixed. For whatever reason, supersweaters have more active sweat glands than most people. 

You can get prescription antiperspirants that contain higher concentrations of aluminum hydroxide or aluminum chloride than ordinary deodorant, such as Drysol (20 percent) or Certain Dri (12 percent). These can be applied three nights a week at bedtime and washed off in the morning. After it is working well, it can be applied once or twice a week (and still washed off in the morning) for three to six months until sweat production has subsided. Most people can then back off and not use any of the medicine for another three to six months, then repeat the cycle.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Extra Hour of TV Reduces Kids Skills

Toddlers who watch television daily for more than two hours may risk diminishing their skills. According to Professor Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital, this is the first time ever that a study has looked at and found a relationship between too much toddler screen time and kindergarten risks for poor motor skills and psychosocial difficulties.

A recent study shows that extra hours in front of TV may cause a child to have low grades, bad health and poor social skills.

Television's attractive feature is its moving images. A child who is used to hyperactive animation and fast sequences tends to find the real world unexciting and thus, have shorter attention span. This translates to reduced participation in school activities, aside from the fact that the kid spends little time doing homework.

She said that these findings suggest the need for better parental awareness and aggrement with existing viewing recommendations. Pagani discourages watching television during infancy and recommends not more than two hours per day beyond age two. She said that it seemed as if every extra hour beyond that has a remarkably negative influence.

More time in front of the TV also implies less time engaging in physical activities. Moreover, toddlers develop more liking for chips, carbonated drinks and other junk food that are best eaten while watching one's favorite show.

Some of the children who participated in the study were two or even three standard deviations away from the average, and their kindergarten indicators were correspondingly worse than those who were one standard deviation away, researchers found. So keep away your children from TV quite some time.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eat Less, Live More

Every one wants to live a long and healthy life. The best thing one has to do is make a gap between your personal and professional life. Do not bring your professional task in your home. Enjoy this time with your family and at home. Give some time to your friends also. One can spent little of time with your near ones help them to be relax and avoid stressful life. Only find little time for yourself and do things that are best for you.

One great solution to adding years to your life at any age is chewing more and longer.

Apart from all these things, eating 40 percent less food could extend a person's life by 20 years, according to scientists. Researchers at the Institute of Health Ageing at University College London are developing a treatment they hope will combat the 'disease' of getting older. They are looking into how genetics and lifestyle can be adapted to offset the effects of ageing and add years, possibly decades, to a person's life.

Age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegeneration can also be combated, it is claimed. Dr Piper said:"If we discover the genes involved with ageing, we should be able to delay ageing itself. This is what we have found."  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dettol : Healthcare Products for the Family

The brand Dettol entered the Indian market nearly 79 years back. The evolution of the brand from an antiseptic liquid for cuts and wounds in 1933 to a complete portfolio of health care products is an inspiration for budding brand managers of the has taken various form such as bar soap, liquid hand-wash, shaving cream to hand sanitizer to cater to the changing needs of consumers. 

The brand synonymous with  protection from germs had for long been voted as India's most trusted brand. Dettol's growth had been slow but steady over the years and a number of initiatives taken in the recent years had started yielding results. The brand started its journey  in 1933 as an antiseptic liquid, but over the years, it has been extended to a number of products categories like toilet soaps, liquid hand wash, liquid body wash, shaving cream and plaster strips.

The brand has taken both functional and emotional route to bonding with the end customer. on the functional / rational end the brand translates into an efficient and cleansing product whereas on the emotional front the brand commands trust among its end users.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hotel Supply Online : Get An Experience

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids And Food To Keep Them Healthy

What it means to eat healthy for your kids? I know such type of questions may rise in your mind as a compassionate parents. I know that parents might need some help to understand their kids eating habits. 

In fact, childhood obesity is a worldwide problem and no child is safe if they don't have healthy eating habits. There are many causes of obesity in children. Some of these are fast foods which are high in calories and fat. They also contain dangerous trans (fake fats) that wreak havoc on a young child's body. Another cause is processed foods. These false foods are loaded with sugar and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives which add up to extra calories. Because of the added processed sugars, a child can consume a tremendous amount of sugar and not even feel that full.

It's no wonder that kids like fun, tasty snacks, which can sometimes be difficult to provide when the child has food allergies. Some foods that are safe for children, but also are healthy, fun and good to eat are fruit kabobs, which are also fun to make. Cutting up different varieties of fruits and placing them on a kabob is a fun and healthy way to satisfy a child's hunger. These make great snacks as well as another fun food. These are simple celery sticks with soy nut butter or sunflower butter spread on them with raisins sprinkled on top. Low-fat yogurts can provide a tasty dip for cut-up fruits or spreading some hummus that is sesame-free on whole grain crackers or pita triangles offers a delicious and nutritious snack for kids.

While the nutritious food you prepare for your kid gives you a heavenly satisfaction, the hassle of trying to get it into their little tummies is no less a hell. You may feel helpless and disappointed, but you still have a reason to smile. Kids aren't as smart as they think they are! (yes its cute they think they are smarter than us). They can be creatively distracted and made to enjoy the very meal you have prepared for them.

It is true that finding healthy snacks for kids with food allergies can be a challenge, but is important in providing nutritional needs while keeping the child safe. Snacks should be carefully chosen so they provide nutritional value, but do not cause an allergic reaction. Always check the ingredients to verify that the product is safe for the child and does not contain any ingredient that could possibly cause an allergic reaction. So keep your child safe and healthy!!!