Friday, March 6, 2009

How important the stickers on baby products?

When you shop for baby products, you will find some with stickers that say "CERTIFIED: This model tested by an independent laboratory for compliance with "ABC" safety standard. " Products with these stickers are supposed to have passed certain tests, based on industry "safety" standards.

The stickers, however, are no guarantee of safety. Here is why? Some safety standards require only minimum levels of safe performance, and may not address all hazards; they vary in strictness from one product category to another; and the tests specified in the safety standards generally are conducted on products in their new, unused condition. Except for full sized cribs, the standards for most products do not adequately take into account the normal stresses that could make a product deteriorate with use.

Some product categories, such as full-sized cribs, are tested according to relatively stringent government standards. The two standards were recently used to certify the companies that make or market the cribs, rather than the cribs themselves. At publication time, eight companies were certified (Child Craft; Cosco, Inc.; Evenflo Juvenile Products, Inc.; Nelson Juvenile Products, Inc.; Okla Homer Smith; Simmons Juvenile Products Co., Inc.; Stork Craft LTD.; and Welsh). We believe that a full-sized crib with a current certification sticker is preferable to a crib that lacks the sticker. Cribs without stickers from companies that are currently certified may be less safe because they were produced before standards were set, but cribs from noncertified companies are not necessarily less safe.

Other product categories are certified by the JPMA (individual products are certified, not companies). But, based on our tests, these products, such as walkers and gates, need to be subject to stricter standards. Unfortunately, the consumer does not really know at the point of sale which hazards are addressed by the safety standards and which are not.

The absence of a certification sticker does not necessarily mean that the product is unsafe, since manufacturers can choose not to subject their products to certification tests. Hence, a product without a sticker might pass the industry test or it might fail-or the product might never have been tested at all. It should be emphasized that the voluntary ASTM standards address only major hazards, and that only minimum requirements are contained in the standards.

On balance, I think the industry's standard setting and its certification program are a big step in the right direction, but consumers would be better served if there were industry-wide participation and a recognition of normal use and abuse incorporated into all standards.

CPSC projections from survey data indicate that more than 70,000 babies and young children were sent to emergency rooms in 1992 because of injuries related to baby products. So, all you are requested to think twice before purchasing baby products.

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