Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Products - Money Saving Tips

Before buying Baby Products I think everyone must know and remember following Money Saving Tips. I am sure that all these may best worth for you. Here are some practical strategies for saving money on various products:

Baby bathtub:

Use the kitchen sink, lined with a towel, or carefully bring the baby in the tub with you.

Baby food:

Prepare your own baby food using a baby-food grinder, an electric blender, or a food processor.


Rather than purchasing a number of terry bibs, buy one or two flexible, molded-plastic bibs and wipe clean after every meal.

Changing table:

Install a sturdy wall-to-wall shelf at a comfortable height in baby's closet. Or simply plan to change baby on a waterproof pad placed on your bed or on the floor. (Always keep one hand on your baby.)

Child car restraint:

Investigate loaner or rental programs sponsored by hospitals and childbirth education associations. Typically, you'll be able to rent a seat for a refundable deposit and a minimal monthly or flat fee.

Some states administer loaner programs through the state highway safety department.

Clothing storage:

Use brightly colored plastic bins or laundry baskets to hold clean diapers and shirts, or buy used shelves and paint them with nontoxic paint.


Use and recycle cloth diapers. Unfolded diapers allow you to devise the best-fitting shapes for your own baby. They can also be cleaned better.

High Chair:

Feed the baby in your lap, or use a car seat that converts to indoor use.

Infant formula and bottles:

Feed the baby your own milk. It's sterile and warm and requires no preparation.

Infant seat:

Use a car restraint that converts to indoor use. Stroller. Buy a safe used stroller at a yard sale.

T-shirts and nightgowns:

Buy used ones from other parents or from a secondhand clothing store. Soak them in very hot water with dish washing detergent to get them clean and then wash with regular detergent and a cup of vinegar or bleach, with an additional hot rinse, for maximum whiteness.

संबंधित पुष्प :

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03. Child's Global Fleshiness : How to measure weight? (वजन कसे मोजावे?) - ३
04. Kid's Breakfast (मुलांचा खाऊ )
05. Be aware about kid's fever (मुलांचे तापेपासून स्वंरक्षण)
06. ICU : Ice Cream Unit
07. A Solution on Bed Weting : Homeopathy (मुलांच्या बेड वेटिंगवर उपाय)
08. How to measure weight? (वजन कसे मोजावे?) - ३
09. Sweet Medicine on Maleriya (मलेरियावर गोड औषध)
10. Kids and Rules of Massage (मुले आणि मालिश करण्याचे नियम)
11. What is the importance of beauty sleep in your kid's life? (मुलांसाठी झोप किती महत्वाची?)
12. Anti Oxidents : Keep Disease Away (एंटी आँक्सिडेंटस : दूर ठेवा आजारपणाच्या तक्रारी)
13. Milk : The Best Food Forever! (दूध एक उत्तम आहार)
14. If someone afflicted at home (घरात जर कुणी आजारी असेल तर )
15. Kids, please do not habitual with Fast Food..!!!
16. How toxins enter our body?
17. Useful Websites for Kids (मुलांसाठी उपयुक्त वेबसाइट्स)
18. While Conversation With Kids (मुलांशी संवाद साधताना)
19. Cryos : The First International Sperm Bank In India (भारतातील पहिली आंतरराष्ट्रीय वीर्य बैंक)
20. Stressful Period Before Delivery May Affect the Growth of Your Baby (प्रसूतिपूर्व काळात ताणाचा संतातिवर परिणाम शक्य)
21. Mom and Dad,Please change your attitude (मम्मी आणि पप्पा आता तरी बदला ना!)
22. Calcium Bank for your child
23. Kindergarchy : The Rules by Children
24. How safe are baby products?
25. How important the stickers on baby products?
26. What to do before your baby comes?
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