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Smile Teeth : How important is a child's dental health?

The smile of my child makes me realize that I am alive; the smile of my child makes my life worth living, sang Amber. And all parents would agree. But they often forget that healthy teeth are must for that shinning smile.

How important is a child's dental health?

How you look after a child's teeth from the time they are babies will make a difference to how the teeth grow and how healthy they are. A child's dental health is important in two ways.

One, for its eating purpose, and secondly, its aesthetic value - that is the look it adds to a face. Parents often do not understand that ignoring dental health can actually lead to lots of problem. However, lately parents are becoming more aware.

When should a child see a dentist?

No matter how old a child is parents should make a bi-annual visit to the dentist with their child in order to help detect any sign of weakness or problem. The first visit could be when the child is one-and-a-half years of age.

Kids love eating chocolates, chewing gums, toffees etc. Are these really harmful?

Well, if taken in moderation and teeth are properly brushed, then these things are not really harmful. But parents should he strict if children are going overboard. It is very important to know that the root cause of most of the problems is cavity, which occurs in absence of proper brushing habit.

So, what is cavity? What should be done to fight this problem?

Cavity is the loss of tooth structure due to caries. It is caused by bacteria which releases acids that cause demineralisation of tooth. This problem can be easily managed by proper brushing of teeth twice a day, healthy food habits and regular dental check-ups.

When does a child become prone to tooth decay or gum disease?

A child can be prone to tooth decay or any gum disease in the following cases:

• Genetically predisposed
• Poor oral hygiene
• Improper brushing
• Bad food habits

Some children have more white and stronger teeth than others. Why is it so?

Such differences are usually because of genetic disposition and healthy food habits along with good oral hygiene.

With varieties of toothpastes - fluoride, ayurvedic, herbal etc - available in the market, which one to choose?

All toothpastes are more or less the same. There is no difference as such. They mainly differ in colour, smell and taste. Though some of them are medicated and their use is indicated during tooth sensitivity.

There are so many kids' toothpastes in the market. Are they anyway better?

The kid's toothpastes available in the market have lower levels of menthol and abrasives. In that respect, they are definitely better than toothpastes for adults. Since such toothpastes are suitably flavoured, they enhance a kid's compliance.

Is using too much toothpaste harmful?

Yes, it is true; too much use of fluoride toothpaste can result in fluoride toxicity with symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and headaches.

As kids grow older, the straightness of their teeth often becomes an issue...

As kids grow older, a discrepant}; between their jaw and tooth size may occur, leading to spacing or crowding of teeth. In some cases the upper teeth may be too protruding. There can be any number of variations in the settings of teeth in a jaw. The best way to correct them is a dental visit at the first instance of a problem. It can be dealt initially by simple extracting of the milk tooth and later by orthodontic treatment using braces.

"The kids' toothpastes have lower levels of menthol and abrasives. They are definitely better than toothpastes for adults."

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